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JumpIN Rhino has over 30 years of experience in developing and using its own 3D technologies, including the creation of a proprietary algorithm for exploiting the virtual reality market on the internet. The team have been involved in multiple facets of the 3D industry, including creating a 2D-3D conversion software used to feature films for well known production houses as Universal and 20th Century Fox as well as, leading 3D software rendering engines and gaming concepts. Exploring the boundaries and innovating at each turn.


They are pioneers in the 3D world and adds to their list of successes several 3D technologies well know throughout the industry, such as a graphics library, game simulators, real-time Ray-tracing, 3D authoring tools called Beyond 3D, a real-time 3D stereo image generator, an image processor and several patents to the list. They are amongst the top leaders in 3D imaging and have dedicated many years to the research and development of 3D tech, virtual reality and augmented reality, bring their in-depth knowledge of 3D mathematics to the exploration of these new frontiers.



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